Club Dance Moves for Men

Ultimate Edition Club Dance Moves for Men

This is a humorous approach to help all of you who have some problems on the dance floor. We understand that not everyone is born to dance and that some of you don't feel comfortable dancing in social situations.

The goal of this course is to allow non dancers to get in touch with their inner rhythm and feel comfortable out in public. This isn't about break dancing or giving you a show stopping routine. Instead, we are teaching you the basics of what to do out on the dance floor so that you look good and feel confidant.

The first section will cover what to do with your upper body. The second covers what to do with your feet. If you feel comfortable with what you've learned in these two sections then check out the combos in the final chapter and see how you can string all of these moves together.

We have also included tips in this last section to help you decide what to combine and how to boost your confidence. Hopefully if you feel relaxed enough you'll be bale to attract some attention with your smooth new kill set the next time you're out with your friends.

Your Instructor

Tommy Hypno Chan
Tommy Hypno Chan

popping dance academy is hosted by Tommy Hypno Chan.

Popping Dance is one of the most complex dance style , from just the idea of isolating our body we are able to transform our ideas into movement. This can take more then a life time to master but with hard work there are no level that we can't reach . The main goal of our school is to teach popping dance and give our student an opportunity to perform what they learn and use them in a creative way. Beside training our student to be the best that they can be, our goal is to build a future for our student and beyond. It is one of my life goal to see our future generations to have an opportunity to choose popping dance as a career with a define path. Too many talented popper get lost in our society without the mean to make a living with their craft. I hope this school will be a way to build a system where student can come in and learn then use their skill to teach or perform with our company or use our training to create their own business. It is very important for popping dance style to be able to showcase itself as a true art form that can provide a career for anyone that choose it. The Old School generation have given us this great dance style and its time for us to step up and build something great for the next generation and beyond.

Tommy Hypno Chan started dancing in 1996 and have tour all over the world teaching and performing the art of popping dance.

Here are a list of some highlights of his career

Started dancing around 1996 in Brooklyn, NY.

Learned the dance the old way with crew and street battles.

Started one of the 1st popping crew in rave call “ Vibe Elements “

One of the older cat from the 90's Raves and earlier liquid and digits dancer.

Dancer at club Roxy , Limelights and The tunnel .

Show case at “ pseudo “ ( one of the 1st internet live DJ website. )

Started Union Sq Friday get down - return of popping and bboying at the park

From 4 guys to over 200 plus coming to watch us dance every Friday. ( 3 Great years )

Did over 100 plus underground NYC stage shows

Travel all the world teaching popping ( 1 years )

US embassy sponsor artist

Tour with U.S National Swing dance events ( 3 years )

Tour with U.S National country line dancing events ( 3 years )

Worked with Hop Swing and Jump - World and U.S swing champ group ( 2 years )

One Man Show at New York City Downtown Urban Theater Festival

Started Boogie Nation popping event in NYC, Philly and Boston.

Started NYC Popping Dance Academy later call Popping Dance Academy

Started NYC Popping week , free dance classes for everyone .

Cast of “ Dance Fever “ on ABC Family

National tv commercial with the arthritis foundation ( Popping Dance in the park )

In Store commercial with Walmart. ( July 4 promote )

Created Urban Expression Project media

Created over 50 DVDs training product on sale on Amazon, Capezio and local stores.

best awards Popping dance dvds on BBOYDVD

Performed at Madison Square Garden ,Lincoln center and the Kennedy center

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

Review from amazon

5 Stars reviews

By Paul Jacob Barkeron

most useful disc i have found yet. better content then the most of the other ones offered on amazon.

I have a bunch of cd's for beginners and no one compare to this one.,

Verified Purchase
This review is from: Club Dance Move For Men DVD - Basic Move for Anyone (DVD)

If you care about the visual then you won't enjoy this cd and you prob won't learn dancing, trust me I tried quiet a but of cd's and some are ok but nothing gives you the simplicity and detailed information, with simple steps that are explained good and someone who actually take his time so you can fallow his steps. this is an actual learning cd unlike most of them which have nice background, and some guys dancing in dark and just trying to look cool.

Bottom line I'm not a great reviewer, but from someone like me and you, since you are looking for a beginner cd this is the best first time cd!!

A+!!!!, March 16, 2011

By Amazon Customer "Bobwire"
Verified Purchase
This review is from: Club Dance Move For Men DVD - Basic Move for Anyone (DVD)
This dvd is fantastic. The instructor is really personable and relaxed which makes for an easy and fun experience. This is a nuts and bolts dance class more or less to get you started and to help you get your groove. The production value is basic but the simplicity is what makes this so great. He has you follow and practice along with him and breaks it down into easy to manage steps. Totally worth the money--I look forward to buying some more of his stuff in the future.

4 Stars reviews

Fun and Informative

By Foolish Perfectioniston

This DVD was great fun. When I stop to prepare lunch at midday, I like to put my headphones on and, uh... dance. Except I can't dance. So it looks more like a protracted seizure involving sharp objects and sliced vegetables. Thanks to this DVD, my inner child now has a (very) small vocabulary with which to express itself.

The production values on this DVD are modest. It's about half-an-hour long, black and white, voice-over narration instead of live audio, and it features broken English. These things left me a little skeptical, at first. However, the DVD manages to deliver everything that's required. The video is clear, with good contrast. The narrator is funny. The moves are basic. The DVD introduced about five rudimentary moves.

I only gave this DVD four stars, because it's not perfect. You will need your DVD's slow motion feature to follow some of the steps. And there are subtleties that the narrator does not call attention to. If you're as tragically un-hip as I am, you'll want to pay special attention during the footwork: which foot starts on the toe, which foot starts on the heel, what does each foot do from there, what are the hands doing to maintain balance and momentum, and so on. It's easy to lose balance when practicing the spin move, if you don't pay close attention to where the instructor is transferring his weight, and when.

The instructor is so accustomed to dancing, that he had trouble staying with the identical, repetitive motions that a beginner needs to observe. Overall, though, the DVD is fun, and it delivers. With practice, I feel confident that I could master these moves. I was crestfallen when I reached the end, and I'll probably try other DVDs from this outfit.

FYI: The video perspective is fixed, observing the instructor from the front. That's fine for this style of dance. Unlike partner dancing, this style of club dancing is not concerned with leading left or right. Even though the camera doesn't move, the instructor changes position during the demonstrations, so you do get to see the moves from the side, or whatever angle is appropriate. When watching the DVD, I simply mirrored what the instructor was doing on screen.

Sean Cavanaugh

I was going to write a review of this product, but the fact is that this review hits the nail on the head. Here is a guy with the real credentials- dancing, not video production, and it shows. But he gets the job done effectively and with a little humor. You're not looking to stand out, right? You're looking to NOT stand out, and this DVD shows you how. He spends as much time warning you about things not to do as he does teaching you steps. Great DVD.

Simple, easy to follow for anyone to learn basic moves

By Jack G. Sibalon
This DVD sound track, background, and video quality is primitive in today's market. But that is not why you are buying this product. The goal is to learn the basic's in dance move if you are a "wall flower". His simple instructions, demonstrations and explanations are great, too the point, and anyone can learn the basics. At the end, I wanted more dance moves. If his other DVD's are as simple and to the point as this, he has done a great job. The only reason why I gave this a four star rating is the cost.

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